TLC Learning Center is an early childhood education center for infants, toddlers, and preschool children with an on-site pediatric therapy center located in Longmont, Colorado. Our classrooms prepare every child for kindergarten through literacy and STEM focused curriculum. We develop positive social-emotional behavior in every child, creating a holistic learning environment that focuses on the whole child. In addition to cognitive and social-emotional development, TLC preschool students participate in YogaKids and Young Athletes for fine and gross motor skill development. TLC won the 2017 Young Athletes Program of the Year in Colorado.

TLC serves children in a fully inclusive, deliberately diverse environment to foster compassion and critical thinking in all of our students. To fulfill our mission – to provide comprehensive early childhood education and therapeutic services to assist each child in reaching his or her highest potential – we are a Level Four Colorado Shines rated center.

Our infant nursery, toddler classrooms, and preschool classrooms are open year-round to best serve busy families. TLC's infant nursery serves children as young as eight weeks old. Our toddler rooms serve children up to 2 1/2 years old. Our preschool program serves children through six years old. All of our classrooms serve children with typical development (no identified special needs or developmental delays), as well as children with developmental delays or disabilities. Diverse classrooms are part of our fully inclusive learning model. 

On-site physical, occupational, and speech pediatric therapies for children up to 12 years old allow TLC staff to identify developmental delays or disabilities in children as soon as possible and provide early interventions for improved long-term outcomes. Because they are part of the classroom, therapists also assist teachers and work with typically-developing children for improved social-emotional behaviors and development outcomes. TLC students are diverse, and we are proud of our fully-inclusive classrooms where children with typical abilities (no identified special need) learn and play alongside friends with developmental delays or disabilities. Inclusive classrooms foster compassion and care in all children, and benefit both those with typical abilities and special needs.

TLC was founded as The Tiny Tim Center in 1956 by local families, and has served the community with the highest quality infant care, toddler care, preschool, and pediatric therapies ever since. 

Take a tour of our facility, learn about our early childhood education programs, our pediatric therapy programs, read our blog, read our latest newsletter, browse our Annual Report, or contact us for more information and to schedule a tour. We're glad you're here!  

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Our Mission:

TLC has nurtured and supported the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development of children for over fifty years. We provide high-quality, accredited infant and toddler carepreschool and pediatric therapy services to accomplish our mission: to provide, in a fiscally responsible manner, comprehensive early childhood education and therapeutic services to assist each child in reaching his or her highest potential. To fulfill our mission, we are a Four Star Qualistar rated (now Colorado Shines) infant, toddler, and preschool program that serves children with typical development, special needs, and from high-risk backgrounds, combined with on and off site therapeutic services that complement our educational curriculum, while being tailored to the needs of each individual child.

Who We Serve:

TLC's classrooms serve children of all developmental abilities and backgrounds from eight weeks to six years old with half and full-day programs in a year-round, fully-inclusive program. 

Our pediatric therapy program works with children from birth to 12 in pediatric speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Therapists can see children both on-site at TLC, and throughout the community in hospitals and family homes.

Our Programs:

  • Preschool for children two and a half to five years old. Our inclusive preschool is located in Longmont, Colorado, but serves children from the surrounding cities and counties as well.

  • Infant care for children starting at eight weeks old. Our large infant room includes rocking chairs, clean floor space, a sleeping area, and a kitchen. TLC is able to store breast milk, and mothers are welcome to come and breast or bottle feed their babies at TLC during the day either in the nursery or in a private breast feeding room.

  • Toddler & wobbler care serves children who are developmentally in-between the infant room and beginning preschool. Our early childcare program has two dedicated classrooms and an age-appropriate playground space to best serve our littelest walkers and wobblers.

  • Pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapies for children birth to 12 is offered throughout Longmont, Boulder County, and the surrounding communities. TLC accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid.

View our program brochure in PDF format.

Why an Inclusive Model?

Children with a wide variety of needs are part of our early learning community. Our inclusive classrooms educate children with various learning styles and abilities, and our teachers' strong knowledge of child development helps them to successfully teach young children with all talents, interests, and abilities. In effective inclusive programs, teachers adapt activities to include all students, even though the individual learning goals of each child may be different for the activity.

Children may have a developmental disability that delays some developmental milestones, or they may have an accelerated development pace, making acquisition of kindergarten-readiness concepts easy for a child. All needs are recognized and adapted for in TLC classrooms.

In high quality early childhood programs, inclusion is simply an example of the regular practice of meeting the individual needs of each child and family. No two learners are alike, whether they have a disability or not, and inclusive schools like TLC place great importance on creating opportunities for students to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways.  TLC teachers consider a wide range of learning styles in designing instruction and utilize nationally recognized research-based curriculum that meet K-12 Common Core State Standards and prepare each TLC student for success.

The TLC Advantage:

Other strategies used in TLC classrooms to ensure individualized attention include:

  • A low teacher to student ratio and small class sizes that enable our teachers to provide individualized support, whether a child needs more attention to master a skill or more activities to challenge themselves.

  • Highly educated and experienced teachers, most with master's degrees, who know how to individualize instruction based on each child’s needs and interests.

  • TLC uses the Pyramid Plus approach to promote positive behavior development.

  • TLC is a Level Four Colorado Shines program. We are undergoing our second rating review in March 2019.

Our inclusive model enhances the way in which all of our students are accepted, assessed, and moved forward through our levels of programming.

At TLC, each child is prepared to reach their highest potential.