TLC Board of Directors: Roles & Responsibilities

TLC Board member Greg meets Elvis on the red carpet at TLC's 2012 spring auction event

by Rick Kellogg, Past President of the TLC Board

The Board of Directors are basic to the life and operation of TLC Learning Center.  Although somewhat hidden behind the scene to our parents and staff, the Board performs functions of an important legal and organizational nature.

I've had the privilege of serving two terms of duty on the TLC Board, as well as filling the role of Interim Executive Director.  Each time I served, TLC was faced with significant challenges as well as great achievements. In collaboration with the staff and leadership teams, the Board was able to make significant progress in TLC's goals, and smooth the way for future endeavors and new staff members. I have warm memories of the dedicated staff and their hard work throughout the years.

A good Board is always looking for new members of the community: business leaders, philanthropists, alumni parents, and more. Joining the Board of Directors is an exciting opportunity to engage with the community, to expand your professional and social network, and to volunteer your time for an extraordinary cause.

But what does the Board DO, exactly?

By statute, the Board must establish and maintain by-laws which cover the general purpose and legal aspects of TLC.  The official name, the size and composition of the Board, the terms of service, board meetings, and other basic information are spelled out in the Board's by-laws. 

The most important responsibilities of the Board in its operating role include the following: 

  • Financial oversight. This includes budgeting, financial review and control policies, compensation policy, and various fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Establishing the mission and strategic direction of TLC. Central to this role is the Strategic Plan, which is maintained and updated on a regular basis.
  • Fundraising. TLC relies upon private and public funds in addition to charging for its services. Internal resources are dedicated to fundraising on a regular basis, and the Board is involved in many aspects of the process, including volunteering at annual events like the Christmas Tree Festival and spring auction.
  • Recruiting and training new Board members. Replacing retiring members is a continuous responsibility which the Board must perform, including the search and enlistment of people with the necessary skills and background to maintain a balance. Officers are elected according to the by-laws and various committees are staffed with members of the Board.
  • The Executive Director. Perhaps the most impactful role of the Board is to hire and mentor the Executive Director.  The Executive Director has responsibility for all functions within TLC and so must be recruited, selected, compensated, and motivated by the Board.
  • Regular Board meetings. These are convened to ensure the proper functioning and recording of the actions of the Board.
  • Various public responsibilities. Compliance with all laws and regulations must be assured.

Serving on a Board of Directors for a worth-while cause like TLC, which serves children both with and without special needs or from low-income backgrounds with childcare, preschool, and pediatric therapy, is a life-altering choice that brings both challenges and joy. If you're interested in serving on the TLC Board, or have questions about the Board, contact TLC's Executive Director Matt Eldred at, or at 303-776-7417.