Cold Weather Speech and Language Activities for Kids

By Fawn Gold, TLC SpeechTherapist

January in Colorado is a chilly month! And with cold temperatures, ice, and snow, comes the need for indoor activities with children. Find a whole month's worth of indoor speech and language activities to help keep kids busy (and having fun!) while developing speech/language acquisition skills, and oral motor skills in the chart below:

 Make hot chocolate and talk about each step involved in preparation (first, second, third, etc.).

 When getting ready to go outside, talk about the purpose of coats, hats, scarves, and why we need to wear them.

Name four animals you see in the winter/cold climates and find pictures to discuss how they are similar and different from each other.

  Act out and talk about the verbs jump, crawl, kick, throw, catch, and other movements that can be demonstrated in the living room.

 Race cars on a table and talk about the differences between fast and slow.

 Read a book about winter and ask your child to recall five details from the story.

Find items of different textures (rough, soft, hard, etc.) and put them in a bag and have your child guess what they are.

Use silverware to make a pattern and talk about what’s first, last, and what will come next.

 Take turns thinking of things that are white like the snow. Where can you find each of the things you list?

Help your child find 10 words in a book or magazine that start with the same letter as your child’s name

 Find five things in the kitchen and talk about how they are used, and what you can make with them.

 Make snowballs of various sizes and talk about the differences between big and small.

Find all the tables in your house and talk about their sizes and shapes. Ask your child, what can you do on each table?

Make a grilled cheese sandwich and label and talk about the ingredients.

During a meal, include a variety of food textures and talk about soft, crunchy, chewy, etc.

 Have your child help sort the laundry and match colors.

Write the names of all family members and then count the letters and talk about long and short.

 Find several pairs of shoes and arrange them from biggest to smallest.

Have your child go to three rooms in your house and find five things in each room that are blue

While driving, ask your child about all of the different colors of houses, buildings, etc. that they see.

Walk between two buckets transferring cotton balls on a spoon and talk about full and empty.

Take turns hiding a small object under one of three bowls and guessing which bowl it’s under (1st, 2nd, or 3rd).

During bath time, talk about which toys or objects float and sink.

 Use play-doh to make a snowman and talk about all of the body parts.

Take turns naming as many different animals as you can.

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