Tournament of Children's Books, Round 2

Round 1 of TLC's Tournament of Children's Books has been tallied, and the winners are in! Books moving forward include:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom vs. Goodnight Moon

Judge's commentary: Well Dan, it was a tough battle between Goodnight Moon and The Kissing Hand, with Goodnight Moon just inching into the next round. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, though, swept Cookie's Week under the rug! As one of our teachers said, it's hard to compete with a title as fun to say as "chicka chicka BOOM BOOM!" The kids love it!

"I read The Kissing Hand to my kids before their first day of school every year" - TLC Speech Therapist Trish Iannacito

The Cat in the Hat vs. Where the Wild Things Are

Judge's Commentary: My goodness! Two classics go head-to-head in this bout. Things are going to get "wild" between a wily cat and a wild rumpus. I can't wait to see what happens.

"My mommy read me that story" - Alex, TLC preschooler

Knuffle Bunny vs. If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Judge's Commentary: If I had to pick a clear lead in this competition, Knuffle Bunny is where I'd put my money. The little-stuffed-rabbit-that-could was a consistent kid and staff favorite on almost every bracket; the poor Panda didn't stand a chance in this playoff. Maybe next year he'll focus on his offensive game.

The Rainbow Fish vs. Jamberry

Judge's Commentary: Who would have thought a tiny fish could take down three bears? Even small ones? Too bad for Tacky, being bipedal was't enough to help him take down the jam-loving bear in Jamberry. I heard they settled the winner through a dance-off, and nobody beats the jam party bear in a dance-off. Maybe next year, Tacky!

"Tacky was such a silly penguin!" - Shea, TLC preschooler

We'll see you next week for Round 3! Did your favorite make it through this time? 

"Tiki Tiki Tembo is our true class favorite book!" - Ms. Ashlee's preschool class

Some of the class projects and story quilt squares displayed on the walls at TLC. This week in the Tournament we say farewell to Tacky, the pig, Cookie, and the Hungry Bear.

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